Week 8 & 9 : Set Dressing the Train

Graffiti and Set Dressing

So last week I had the base materials down on the inside of the train. Since then I have been concentrating on getting the dirt and graffiti decals done. The majority of the graffiti images where collected by using Google Earth to roam around  Oakland, California to take screenshots.

These screenshots were then taken into a program called Gigapixel, this program enabled me to increase the resolution of the images. I then used Photoshop to straighten the images and give a transparent background so that I could use them for decals in UE4.

The rest of my time has been spent creating assets for the inside of the train.

What’s Next?

I plan to make a few more small scatter assets for the train as well as create some lighting assets such as lamps so that the lighting on the train makes more sense. I finally want to get round to getting all the main base textures done in the subway itself, as most of my time up until this point has been concentrating on getting the train carriage done.