Week 6 & 7 : The Train Continued

The Train Continued

So in my last post, I had the base materials on the outside of the train. Since then I have managed to get the outside pretty much finished apart for some sort of transition where the water meets the train, I don’t like the hard line and I think it needs some sort of wet algae decal to break it up a bit. 

I also managed to get most of the train interior done, all it needs now is quite a lot more graffiti decals and some small scatter assets. To light the interior I am using two halogen lights that are plugged into a generator just outside the train, as the train itself is not supposed to have any electricity and I needed to light the inside in a way that made sense.

The cloth hanging from the door and windows were made in Marvelous Designer and textured in Substance Painter. When exporting the textures I also exported a height map to use for the subsurface scattering.

The window material still needs a bit of tweaking, I actually took the windows into Zbrush to sculpt some cracks and jaggy edges to bake onto the low poly. But the details seem to get lost in the opacity of the material, I think I will experiment trying to lower the opacity of that specific area by using a mask in the material and see if that works.

I also managed to get the base material on the platform floor, it stills needs a lot of work like dirt masks and some vertex painted puddles to break the repetitiveness but that will come later.


Next week

Next week my plan is to get some of the smaller assets done and to create some more tiling materials for larger areas of the environment.