Week 2: Pre-Production Part 2

Blockout and Lighting

So I started my week by getting the main blockout done in Maya, I then imported it into UE4 to start adding my first light pass to get an idea of composition.

Blockout in UE4

I used cold coloured light source for the light coming from the outside to the escalators and the hole in the ceiling to try and create a winter feel. Whilst inside the station, I tried to use warm colours coming from the fire and the train.

Blockout with rough lighting

Asset and material lists

Once the blockout was done I made an asset list of all the assets I would need along with a material list, This will most likely be added to in the future.

Asset and Material list

Starting Production

I made a start on one of the assets for the scene the escalators, as this was a fairly large asset I created a trim sheet to texture the asset. I purposefully made the escalators look fairly clean to start with because I was using a trim sheet to texture it and I didn’t want the dirt, Wear and tear and other details to look repetitive. instead, I intend to add these details in UE4 with the use of a secondary uv channel to add some edge wear and decals to add more dirt and graffiti.

Escalators base texture

Plans for Next Week

My main plans for next week are to carry on with modelling assets and to create some tileable materials for the larger areas in the scene.