Emotional Geography Conference, Edinburgh


PDance lecturers Heike Salzer (Dance), alongside BA Dance Graduate Jessica Smith, international partner Ana Baer (Texas State University) (featured on picture ) and BSc Music Technology Lecturer Jack Laidlaw are presenting a panel session with the title ‘Motion and emotions through heterogeneous geographies’  at the 5th International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Emotional Geographies. at Edinburgh University.

A second panel will be delivered by School of Arts and Media lecturers, Dr Sarah O’Brien (Performance), Dr Chris Thurgar-Dawson (Creative Writing), Robert Burton (Design) and Gemma Draper, (Jewellery-Resident Artist at Mima)

This conference brings together scholars from a diversity of disciplinary backgrounds, third sector partners and creative practitioners to explore and discuss the role of emotion in shaping and in experiencing space and society.

The need to pay attention to the role of emotions in personal, professional and societal life has been gaining acceptance in academic and public spheres since the time when these conferences were inaugurated. With greater attention has come a greater diversity of ways of researching and conceptualising emotions, affect and their kin, and a wider range of fields in which they are being studied. New technologies give individuals greater emotional reach than ever before. Meanwhile, industries structured around the manipulation of emotion have grown savvier than ever.


Head of Performing Arts Ronan Paterson at the Asian Shakespeare Association conference in Taipei, Taiwan.

Haka operaHead of Performing Arts Ronan Paterson trying very hard (if a little unsucccessfully) to look graceful during a workshop in Haka Opera at the Asian Shakespeare Association conference in Taipei, Taiwan. Ronan, who has travelled all over the world speaking about, performing or directing Shakespeare’s plays, gave a paper at this prestigious event which drew participants from all corners of the globe. Teesside has a research partnership with Providence University in Taiwan, and is now involved in a research project on Manga versions of Shakespeare with Shirayuri College in Tokyo and Tsukuba University, also in Japan. Watch this space for news of an exciting event in the UK next year!

3rd HEA Arts and Humanities Annual Learning & Teaching Conference

The Lowry Theatre in Salford was well represented by the Teesside University staff and students at the 3rd HEA Arts and Humanities annual learning and teaching conference, this year titled ‘Heroes and monsters: extra-ordinary tales of learning and teaching in the arts and humanities’

The first presentation was by Senior Lecturer Heike Salzer who spoke aboutpedagogical research project undertaken with her BA Dance students in spring 2014. She considered the emotional culture that students operate in and if the values and norms develop and change during the course of their degree.

This was followed by Teaching Fellow Richard Sober and two interior students, first year Emily Hogg and second year Rebecca Hayman.  They presented a paper discussing student perceptions of current Higher education debates including value for money, independent learning and developing a readiness for employment.  The session was chaired by Carolyn Bew the National Lead for Art & Design and she invited them to reprise the paper at the HEA Teaching in Practice conference later this month in London

The SAM presenters with HEA Lead Carolyn Bew


Dance students present at 3 Rivers-Learning and Teaching Conference

Third year dance students Charlotte Brinksman and Gabriella Garroway presented a poster at the Annual Regional Learning and Teaching Conference 2014 North East 3 riversUniversities (3 Rivers Consortium), Durham University (Collingwood College) on 27th March 2014.

The poster discussed their experience of a 3 month Erasmus exchange at the Inter-University Centre in Berlin and was well received by delegates.

Dance lecturer gives paper at Inventing futures conference in Arnhem, NL


Together with choreographer/researcher Kristine Sommerlade, Heike has been invited to present a paper/workshop with the title, The influence of the ‘collective mythology’ of dance on the future of dance artists and practices’ at the Inventing Futures: Artistic Research with/in Educational Institutions conference, at Artez in Arnhem, Holland, in December.

The conference brings together artists and researchers to extend the discussion on artistic research to the inter/national field and is an initiative of the ArtEZ Master of Choreography and Bertha Bermudez / ICKamsterdam, with the support of the ArtEZ Professorship Theory in Art.

Learning from students: Students talking about transitions

Transition - CopyDance students Charlotte and Gabriella gave a fascinating talk to university staff at a Department for Learning Development workshop titled Learning from students: Students talking about transitions.  This was the final session of a year long programme of speakers designed to highlight the key moments in the student’s journey through their programmes and eventually into employment.  Charlotte and Gabriella spoke enthusiastically about their role as Dance Ambassadors and about their experiences in Berlin as part of the Erasmus scheme.  The Feedback from the session has been tremendous and one of the delegates from another school described them as ‘inspirational speakers’ and is even hoping they might advise her in initiating similar activities for their students.

Dance and Somatic Practices Conference

katye_image_web_DSP2013Dance lecturers Heike Salzer and Rose Payne have been inspired by their participation at this year’s Dance and Somatic practices Conference. The conference is a three-day event of C-DaRE (Centre for Dance Research) presented in collaboration with Independent Dance (London). It invites somatic practitioners, dance artists and scholars from a range of subject domains to transverse discipline borders and investigate the approaches that embodied thinking and action can afford to philosophical and socio-cultural inquiry.