Guest Artist: Rosemary Spencer

Leeds based Dance for Deaf People specialist Rosemary Spencer visited our second years on Thursday providing insight into this area of dance facilitation.

Two things to take away:

– The deaf community frequently uses lights flashing on and off to get peoples attention

– Learning simple BSL for teaching is very useful to avoid confusion and not as hard as we might think!

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Dance Lecturer films in Iceland

1901973_818407061508912_794490465_nDance lecturer Heike Salzer spent a week of artistic research filming in Iceland. The work will feed into an artist residency in April at Texas State University, San Marcos. Collaborating with Icelandic visual artist Ingi Jensson and UK North East based musician Jack Laidlaw she will create a choreography using live performance and video projection.

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Guest Artist: Tess Chaytor

Tess Chaytor from Tinarts delivered a session for our second years as part of their Dance Facilitation module.

Focusing on dance delivery for those with learning disabilities, the company was established 15 years ago and is now hoping to share its practice internationally as well as within the UK.

In her session, Tess unpicked her teaching structure, use of music and adaptation of dance movements into a relatable and fun method for ages 4-7. The prevailing message was ‘the dance content is the same, the packaging is different’!