3rd year Primary School dance experience

As part of my Work Related Contexts module I spent around 40 hours at Lockwood Primary School, carrying out a number of various roles. I worked mainly with year 4 children, aged 8-9, teaching a number of dance sessions. In these sessions I led and taught a 5 mintue showcase of various songs, routines and styles, which was then displayed at the annual school summer fair. This was extremely rewarding and a very proud moment as there was a big audience. Every child in the class attended and they performed brilliantly, despite this being their first ever public show of anything. I also spent time in the classroom taking on the role of classroom assistant, working with children in groups and on a one to one basis. This was extremely interesting as I was able to work with children of various abilities and children with learning difficulties. I also spent time as a lunch time supervisor, which involved supervising and managing behaviour on the playground. I particularly enjoyed this role as it allowed me to spend time with children of all ages in a less formal situation. Following my placement I have now begun to pursue a career in primary education as I am passionate about working in this field.  Overall this was an extremely inspiring and valuable experience from which I have learnt so much that I will utilise throughout my career.

Sam Dixon

Third year Freestyle dance project

For my work based project I observed classes from four different freestyle teachers who are all fully qualified and ADFP registered. When I set my project I had two main aims. The first was to see different dance teaching styles from to create my own effective way of teaching. The teachers I have chosen to observe throughout my placement are all specialists in the different areas of freestyle; disco, slow dance and commercial street. Each part of my project was based in different surroundings some were lectures and workshop based classes and others were classes held in their own studios. My secondary aim was to investigate effective ways of setting up and maintaining a successful business. I would give each host a series of questions, all of which were the same, and then I compare answers to pull out any similarities or differences to investigate how they are maintaining their own businesses.

Nathan – Mark Street

Dance video created by dance lecturer Heike Salzer at Dance Film festival


The video rými/plads (space), which Heike  has created together with the Icelandic visual artist Ingi Jensson is part of the International Dance Film Edinburgh 13 Festival which celebrates dance and film in all its forms in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. The video Rymi ,which was created in Iceland and Denmark and will be streamed online as part of the Dance Bites programme which is the online series of short programmes of films from around the world. These tasty morsels will range from short dance documentaries to bite sized programmes of short dance films.

Online Streaming will take place from Monday 4th – Sunday 10th November 2013