Students enjoy learning sequence dancing with some of Middlesbrough’s older dancers


Second year dance students participated in Tea Dances at North Ormesby in April. They learned waltz, rhumba and cha cha cha sequences and experienced first hand the benefits to well-being and sheer enjoyment of this type of social dancing. The regular members, some in their 90’s, were fantastic teachers and partners.
The North East Film Archive, based at the University, provided some wonderful film footage of social dance in the North East from as far back as 1923. Lecturer Rose Payne, researched and edited a short section of footage for everyone to watch and discuss while they rested their tired dancing feet and had a cuppa!
All involved felt strongly that these dance styles and social events should be passed down to younger generations to keep them alive.
If you enjoy ‘Strictly’ why not learn how to waltz or quick step yourself?

It was a rare opportunity to experience inter-generational community dance in action. Thank you to all the tea dancers. Keep dancing!