Some VFX, Level 3 progress and character model update

Firstly I managed to fix the texture problem on the character model that I want to use as the main character, a new challenge though is that it isn’t compatible  with Mixamo, so until further notice there won’t be animations on the model.

Pep’s character model

Along with ongoing progress on each level, I made an effect that simulates falling snow in the snow level as well as adjusting the overall lighting to give that “winter feeling.” Being developed alongside this was the Melee attack for Pep, which is now functional. One final mention for the snow level is that I have implemented some Ice Psychics for when you are moving on ice, the effect isn’t immediately noticed, but when playing there is a sort of “slip” when moving on ice, a brief video of the snow level will be included in this post, it should be noted all of these additions are not finalised yet.

Snow Level demonstration:

Lastly seeing as progress for both level’s 1 and 2 are nearing completion, I have started building Level 3, I would estimate by this time next week, this level will be playable. Until the interior of the castle is complete, I have removed the castle model shown before, so as to not have to work with those size limitations as this is always variable.

Castle Progress

All levels including the Hub area have music present as of now.

2019-03-18 23:08:00