Pre-production and Gameplay

During this last week I have been finishing my Pre-production, all that is left of that are some level maps which I am working on at this moment and some UI design, here are some screenshots of sections of my Pre-production document:

Screenshot of Hub Area plan
A screenshot of the more advanced mechanics

Another task I have been working on this week is some mechanics, specifically I worked on the gravity of the game, given the character another jump and altered the hang time slightly, as well as added a slide/crouch and a sprint mechanic which isn’t 100% functional as of yet.

Final thing to mention is I have maps set up for each level of the game and I have added sky spheres all reflect the type of level they will become. They are not quite finalised and are likely to be tweaked in the coming weeks.

Hub area sky
Level 1 sky
Level 2 sky
Level 3 sky

2019-02-03 21:07:44