Project Proposal and Pre-production progress

My Games practical Project is going to be a 3D Platformer called Pep’s Odyssey, this game is inspired by both early 3D platformers and recent modern ones.

During the last week, I have been working on the Project Proposal which should be ready for submission either end of today or tomorrow, my proposal includes a Project Plan which I will try and stick to as best as I can.

I have started Pre-production by completing Moodboards for the look of the overall game and the themes for each individual levels, I also have sections for Gameplay Mechanics where I have started to describe each individual mechanic and how the player will be able to make use of the them. I will continue to work on the pre-production this week by adding sketches to the Gameplay Mechanics sections to convey how my game is intended to play.

2019-01-28 6:06:17 PM