Model, Level and overall progress review and moving forward

Since my last post, Level’s 1 and 2 are having final touches done which includes collectible and obstacle placement, Level 3 has had some significant progress and this level should be fully laid out within a week. Pep’s character model which I have shown previously is not compatible with Mixamo and so I have decided to use Adobe Fuse to create my own Humanoid character, in order to be able to import custom animations using Mixamo, I may do this for enemies too if time allows it. Lastly there has been some UI updates and the “1UP” mechanic is currently being implemented using the other collectible blueprints as a base, once all lives are depleted a Game Over screen will show and once this is completed, I will provide images in a future post. The 1UP is going to be a Chocolate Cake to keep with the theme of food for collectibles, such as the Nuggets for “coins,” and chicken for health, the exception to this would be the Key Item: Moonstones.

Below will be a screenshot of the 1UP in a newer section of Level 2 and a link to a video showing Level 3 progress, to give an idea about how this level will playout compared to the other two. This video will also show the new character model and the prototype animations (these are not final) as well various level specific mechanics, such as locked doors and trapdoors. Note that the lighting is still being worked on, I am working giving this level a more eerie atmosphere, this makes it a challenge to get the lighting just right. Lastly the outside of the building isn’t present as this level is moving towards a more Haunted Mansion type level and I am working on finding a suitable model or a solution.

The 1UP in-game along with the Health HUD and new section of Level 2.

Link to Level 3 Demo:

2019-04-04 16:28:23

Some VFX, Level 3 progress and character model update

Firstly I managed to fix the texture problem on the character model that I want to use as the main character, a new challenge though is that it isn’t compatible  with Mixamo, so until further notice there won’t be animations on the model.

Pep’s character model

Along with ongoing progress on each level, I made an effect that simulates falling snow in the snow level as well as adjusting the overall lighting to give that “winter feeling.” Being developed alongside this was the Melee attack for Pep, which is now functional. One final mention for the snow level is that I have implemented some Ice Psychics for when you are moving on ice, the effect isn’t immediately noticed, but when playing there is a sort of “slip” when moving on ice, a brief video of the snow level will be included in this post, it should be noted all of these additions are not finalised yet.

Snow Level demonstration:

Lastly seeing as progress for both level’s 1 and 2 are nearing completion, I have started building Level 3, I would estimate by this time next week, this level will be playable. Until the interior of the castle is complete, I have removed the castle model shown before, so as to not have to work with those size limitations as this is always variable.

Castle Progress

All levels including the Hub area have music present as of now.

2019-03-18 23:08:00

General Level Progress

All levels are progressing fairly smoothly, however I will hold off on posting further screenshots of the layouts until I have made another week’s worth of progress, the overall objectives for this week is to finish off the snow level’s layout, add an auto-aim for the grapple and make significant progress on the castle level. Screenshots and videos will be posted on the next blog entry to show this progress. Other things to note is that all 3 main levels have music present and I have also altered the world’s gravity and speed of the character in order to get a better sense of movement.

2019-03-11 17:16:42

Overall Progress Review

Now on to Week 7 and the project is starting to take some shape, while a lot of aspects of my project still need work, I can safely say there has been significant development so far and more to come in the next few weeks. While taking some time to finish my Progress review presentation, I have updated every level in my game to some degree.

Level 1: Beach level is almost completely blocked out in terms of obstacles and item locations, I’m still not happy with the level overall and want to improve upon it.

Level 2: Snowy Mountain level has various assets found from both online and from the Infinity Blade Icelands pack from Epic Games Store implemented, it should also be noted that this is the only level so far with music implemented. The level overall is starting to take shape.

Level 3: Castle level has an opening section and a Castle 3D model found online, this is likely to be the largest and most challenging level both development wise and in-game difficulty.

Targets for next week:

  • Auto-aim for Grapple hook
  • Level 1 fully complete
  • Levels 2 and 3 progress
  • More sound assets such as music implemented

Screenshots of progress below:

Level 1 Progress screenshot
Level 2 Progress screenshot
Level 3 Progress screenshot

2019-03-04 18:20:49

Wall Jump fix and Level 1 progress

Along with the continued progress of the development of the first level, I have managed to fix the Wall Jump mechanic, thanks to an online tutorial which can be found here:

I am happy to say that the overall layout for Level 1 is almost complete, I added more assets to the level such as a new Rock texture for the cliffs, as well as adding grass to the areas on the cliffs which can be traversed. Lastly I made some moving platforms on the ocean area which will eventually be Boats when I can find a suitable model for it, some of them move automatically and others only move once the player is on it.

Here are some more progress screenshots and the Wall Jump in action:

New rock texture and the addition of Palm Trees


2019-02-25 21:55:31

Level Blockout Progress

Throughout the last week, I have been working on the blockouts for each level in the game, while focusing on building the landscape for Level 1, I thought it would be beneficial to work on the Landscapes for Level 2 as well, as both Levels 1 and 2 have landscape based environments. For Level 3, I created a Moat at the start of the level that will be positioned underneath a Drawbridge, because the level will be Castle Themed and so will not rely on landscapes as much. The images below showcase the level progress so far, with the most progress being in Level 1 where I’ve started experimenting with painting materials. Throughout this week I will be focusing on finishing Level 1’s blockout and hopefully fix some problems with a few traversal mechanics in order to have a fully prototype level by the end of this week or start of the next week.

Level 1 Blockout WIP
Level 2 Blockout WIP
Level 3 Blockout WIP

2019-02-18 17:37:05

Gameplay Mechanics and Level Hub Progress

This week I have been focusing on developing the various mechanics I want in this project; the player can sprint, crouch, slide, fire a projectile and use the Grappling Hook on specific targets. There is also a mechanic where the player can hang from a ledge and drop down from it, this mechanic is however not quite complete, from the tutorial I followed, it is because I lack the animations that they had to finish the climbing process, once I have some animations, I can finish that mechanic. Speaking of animations I have discovered a site called Mixamo which links to Adobe Fuse which allows you to create basic character models and rig them for animations quite easily and then searching for said animations Mixamo itself, I will be experimenting with this before I settle on a model as there is a limited variety of assets and it lacks anthropomorphic animals which is what I need. Attached to this post will be a video showcasing the mechanics I have so far along with the Level Hub progress I have made.

2019-02-11 01:23:57


Pre-production and Gameplay

During this last week I have been finishing my Pre-production, all that is left of that are some level maps which I am working on at this moment and some UI design, here are some screenshots of sections of my Pre-production document:

Screenshot of Hub Area plan
A screenshot of the more advanced mechanics

Another task I have been working on this week is some mechanics, specifically I worked on the gravity of the game, given the character another jump and altered the hang time slightly, as well as added a slide/crouch and a sprint mechanic which isn’t 100% functional as of yet.

Final thing to mention is I have maps set up for each level of the game and I have added sky spheres all reflect the type of level they will become. They are not quite finalised and are likely to be tweaked in the coming weeks.

Hub area sky
Level 1 sky
Level 2 sky
Level 3 sky

2019-02-03 21:07:44

Project Proposal and Pre-production progress

My Games practical Project is going to be a 3D Platformer called Pep’s Odyssey, this game is inspired by both early 3D platformers and recent modern ones.

During the last week, I have been working on the Project Proposal which should be ready for submission either end of today or tomorrow, my proposal includes a Project Plan which I will try and stick to as best as I can.

I have started Pre-production by completing Moodboards for the look of the overall game and the themes for each individual levels, I also have sections for Gameplay Mechanics where I have started to describe each individual mechanic and how the player will be able to make use of the them. I will continue to work on the pre-production this week by adding sketches to the Gameplay Mechanics sections to convey how my game is intended to play.

2019-01-28 6:06:17 PM