week 10

Coming up to the final two weeks of the project, this will be my last entry detailing what I have been working on. The team and I spent this time sending over our finished and textured assets to the programmers so that they were able to implement in unreal begin to work towards completing the vertical slice.


To do this, I had to make sure that I had properly put all assets into their own separate zip files with each individual models(UV unwrapped) and also their own textures sets in them. The texture sets including its base colour, normal map and finally its occlusion roughness. Each texture is especially crucial when it came to assigning textures in unreal as the wrong map will not make it at all how it is previewed and rendered in substance painter and give it a very odd colour.


Having sending these off to the programming team, it was up to them to build the rest of the models with the textures into the game in order to complete the rest of the vertical slice. The rest of the implementation detailing, the lighting and making sure everything is in the correct place for completion and from taking a look at the assets in unreal, they look really well inserted.