week 8

After some research and experimenting, it was time for me to begin texturing my assets. Starting off with the table and the chandelier as they were of a higher priority compared to the battle axe.


For the table, I went with a dark oak wood texture as what you would find in an iconic goth scene would typical moody colours such as black, brown, etc. In addition, when searching gothic-styled houses, it was typically associated with dark wood. This allowed me to create two wood textures fitting for the table and after some feedback from my team, we went with the darker wood.



As for the chandelier, I went with a rusty steel black texture. As to represent ageing to the asset as the scene it was going to be in was a ruined castle which had been there for centuries. The steel very well complimented the chandeliers basic shape, as testing even a lighter shade of black did not fit with the chandelier very well.