week 7

This week I took the time to research and look into substance painter to be able to texture the assets properly for my team and be able to understand how to properly export the assets so that my team did not have any troubles implementing them into unreal.


What I have also learnt while researching is by using the UV, I am able to texture different parts of the model in accordance with the UV unwrapping of my asset. Which, will be crucial, when it comes to texturing the models as I would like to assign different materials to different parts of the model. Moreover so, how I can generate different filters onto a material to give more of a polished look.


Finally, when it came to exporting the textures, from what I saw was I have to make sure firstly, to change the output template otherwise the textures will not be able to export properly. In addition, to make sure that the file type to Targa as this allows better use for creating and using alpha channels in order for the textures to come out better and be able to be properly assigned. Moreover, to change the file size in correspondence to the size of the textures as not to waste unnecessary pixels and keep the size formatted correctly.