week 6


Once I had finished modelling all the assets that I needed to do. It was time to move on to unwrapping the UV’s for each of the models and begin to prepare them to be textured in substance painter. 


What I had done for the table was the standard automatic UV unwrapping. As the basic shapes for this model were more oriented to a more cube shape than the axes and the chandelier’s cylindrical shape. However, I did have to make sure some of the faces were bigger than others so that textures would not come out so stretched for those specific faces. As for the axe, I had to make sure to combine the axes head to allow for the UV texturing for those specifically to be shared and not individual to save time texturing.

And finally, the chandelier. The chandelier was my biggest obstacle because of the complexity of the shape. Firstly, I needed to make sure to combine the duplicates of the shapes into one to allow them to share a texture set to put into on udim. Because using the function automatic, ending up breaking the rings specific shape into a not every well seamless texture. I had to move each individual part including the candles, candle holders, the base, chains, and hook into separate udims to allow for the texturing process to be a lot simpler.