week 4

After creating the chandelier, it was time to move onto the battle axe. Because the battle axe was is going to be a background prop. I do not need to worry about creating a high poly version of the weapon and only need to focus on creating a low poly asset. The creation of the axe comprised of creating the axe head and the handle.


After some extensive research, I found a lot of the axe’s quite basic and leaning more towards a Viking aesthetic. Which was not what I wanted when creating this asset. I wanted it to cater more towards the medieval my team and I was going for. And after some more research, I found the axe which was more suited to what I wanted to create.

Medieval battle axe - CelticWebMerchant.com15th Century French Battle Axe Black Finish

Following on towards the modelling process, I was able to achieve the axe that was suited to the theme that I was going for. As the axes double head and unique design pattern allowed me to achieve the medieval style which I was going for.