Week 3

This week, I had begun to create the assets which I had chosen on trello. The asset which I began to work on was the chandelier. What I had done was I got a pipe increased the size of the hole in order to get the basic shape. I then proceded to create the holes in the chandelier, to do this, I cylinder and create a 2 x 2 shape in order to get the ideal shape. I then booleaned the cylinders into the chandlier creating the chandeliers base.

For the candle holders, they were made usings spheres, torus, and cylinders. To get the main shape of the candle, it was from cutting a sphere in half moving the vertex’s top, and extruding its bottom face in the shape as shown below. I really enjoyed creating this asset as I was able to get down the base for the model and replicated it almost identically to my reference.