Presentation day

During last weeks developing self and others session we were required to create a presentation to deliver to the group based on a company who values their staff and encourage others in the group to apply for a role with this company based on the excellent staff benefits.

We decided on Google as our company of choice. We all went away completed some research and shared our findings with the rest of the team. We then met with one another face to face to look at what we had identified, remove any duplication, clean up the presentation and decide who would deliver what aspect.

A specific area I had researched  was Project Aristotle. This was a project undertake by Google to ensure they were invested in their employees and understand their ability to work as a team (NY Times). However two of the other team member had also researched this and it was decided to go with their slides.

I was greatly disappointed about this as I felt that all of my hard work had been for nothing and my part in the presentation would be minimal. I really wanted to use this opportunity to practice my presenting skills as this is a big part of my current role. However in the name of teamwork , whilst the other persons information was fairly similar they had made their section a little more engaging and therefore allowing this section into the presentation was the right decision.


In the future it would be beneficial to meet up face to face in the early stages and compile the research as a team or allocate different sub headings to each member of the team. This was all work generated will be utilized and everyone will get an equal turn.


Gibbs (1988)