In Bruges

A film following 2 hitmen on a forced trip to Bruges. In Bruges is a very dark humoured film, not for people who are offended easily. The film can be slow in some places but full of hilarious moments but the film has a slightly underwhelming ending.

Mainly revolving around the characters Ray (Colin Farrell) and his partner Ken (Brendan Gleeson), who have been told to go to Bruges, Belgium, by their boss Harry (Ralph Fiennes).

Ray, the self-destructive character and quite childish for his age, is one of Colin Farrell’s funnier roles as he seems to be the amateur and the child of the pair with Ken being the more experienced of the two, and what would seem to be the parent. The best scene to explain this would be the scene in the old church that they are both visiting and Ray is sat making noise with the wooden chair in front of him on the old stone floor and shuffling his feet, like “a 5 year old who dropped all his sweets” as Ken says.

One of the problems with this film I would say, is the lack of depth of the characters as we don’t really know too much about them at the beginning and only a slight bit more by the middle/end of the film where the characters become more depressed, sad and sympathetic. The quality of acting makes up for the beginning of the film where its mainly dark humour.

We also don’t really get to know anything about the characters backstories, until Ray has a flash back to what caused them to go to Bruges. We get hints to what the incident was in some scenes, for example, Ray saying, “why’d you have bring that up” with a crack in his voice.

With the film being in Bruges, the shots of the small quaint town, especially the shots in the canal and the tall old medieval towers really add to the quality of the film. In some cases, the shots of the film can be mistaken for a tourist advert for the town.

Overall, this film is hilariously dark humoured with good quality acting and story, but also some dull spots. Although, a lot of films have their dull spots but with a kind of underwhelming ending. It was very well shot, and the sound design was very good with the correct music for each scene and fit the pace. I would recommend this film for those people who love dark humour and / or comedy.