I have now begun the process of rigging. I had to transfer all of the colour art to the colour layer (I had previously filled the drawings in on the lineart layer as opposed to keeping them separate, which is what I should have done).

I had to organise every layer into a hierarchy, and then in the node editor make sure they were plugged into the composite layer in the right order so that each component was visible in the correct way. Currently, I’m setting up the actual bones and curves – I just finished sorting the tail out, which had been giving me trouble as it kept deforming in a very unpleasant way. I was able to fix this by moving the colour art to the appropriate layer and now it deforms in a more aesthetically pleasing manner.

I’m having some trouble with rigging the head, as adding a bone to the face causes it to warp when the bone is moved. I’m unsure how to fix this, so I’ll have to ask Nick for advice during our lesson.

[EDIT: I have acquired a Pluralsight licence so I’m going to look at some tutorials on there to give me a better idea of what to do.]