My current task is to draw out all of the components of the character. I began in Clip Studio Paint to get the basics down, and have now imported it into Toon Boom Harmony to save time as I have to export each individual layer separately.

At this point it’s just a case of drawing out each limb’s cycles, so that they can be made into symbols and added to the rig system. As of 18/2/20, I have completed the mouth shapes for lip sync, the wing flap animation, the wing unfolding animation, and the guides for a blink and walk cycle. I intend to have all of the drawing done by the start of next week, provided all goes to plan. I’m a little behind where I would like to be as I had a dental emergency over the weekend which prevented me from working, but I’m already ahead of my planned schedule (I misjudged how long rigging would take; the drawing takes longer so I can dedicate more time to that as the rigging itself is a fairly quick process) so this isn’t too much of a setback. Once I finish the drawings I’ll be setting up the joints and then after I’ve tested it I can start working on extra details and potentially add a front view.

[EDIT: 27/2/2020: Drawings have now been finished, and I’m currently in the process of bringing everything into a new scene for rigging.]