The comparison of two organisms: The Blue Whale and The Monkey Puzzle Tree

The growth of the blue Whale organisms:

The Blue whale fetus develops rather quickly, at 1 inch per day. The whale carrying the fetus is usually pregnant for 12 months and usually weighs around 6000 pounds. Once the fetus is around 7 months, it usually grows to 12 feet.

Once the pregnant whale delivers the calf, it immediately swims to the surface. The baby calf swims to the surface for oxygen, so they can survive under water in the ocean. Blue whales reach maturity when they their full size, normally between 5 and 15 years of age.

The growth of the organism, Monkey Puzzle Tree:

Monkey Puzzle Trees are slow growers, which takes time for them to reach their full size, they’re usually an open pyramidal shape. Monkey puzzle trees grow in humid conditions and air conditions, and also around coastal areas. They usually grow well in any type of soil, given that the soil is drained. The tree prefers regular moisture when its newly planted. The roots of this tree, have a zone to retain soil moisture and help keep the roots cool allowing it to grow.

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