This week we were advised to think about a five year plan and discussed the benefits if one. One benefit of a 5 year plan is can motivate and help you to stay on track by having something to work towards. A five year plan can increase the likelihood of achieving your goals and i strongly believe that as your plan is set out in front of you. It also helps you to understand the process and plans that you need to take i need to take in order to be where i want to be. Some benefits can be that it motivates yourself in both your career and personal life as you can work towards your goals and improve yourself. As well as this is can help you develop new skills such as time management as you are working towards a goal in a period of time.

I will need to consider certain aspects like career, wage, relationships, healthy, family and home. As all these factors will be effected during my five year plan as well, as this these factors could be areas which i will focus on and be apart of my five year plan.

I will also have to consider aspects such as if the goals are achievable, realistic etc and if I cannot do it in the time bound given. I will also need to be specific with my goals so i know exactly what i am working towards.

In addition to this, i will need to identify the long term goals as these may take longer to achieve and may need stepping stones to get to. As i will need to research how to achieve each goal as this helps me to understand the actual skills i need to gain success. Annual milestones will also be needed to check if i am on track and i can celebrate small successes as i am working towards a larger goal. I will then break this isn’t monthly steps. In order to stay motivated i need to understand the reason behind i am working towards this goal as my reasonings can also change and i could become unmotivated. External factors could also interfere so i need to be prepared for change as change is going to happen in life.

Smart goals

Grow my business audience

i want to increase the amount of followers and engagement i have within my brand. I would like to get at least 5 buyers within the first 12 months of selling garments. I will make an effort to post more content on social media platforms like instagram and TikTok as this will help me to reach more people. I will post at least 3 posts a week for 12 months.

Specific: Increase engagement of business on social media

Measurable: Posting 3 times a week for 12 months

Attainable: This is a realistic goal due to the commitment of posting three posts in a week.

Relevant: This goal is relevant as i want my brand to be successful.

Time-based: The end date for this goal is 12 months.

Grow network connections

I want to increase my network of my professionals in the industry. I will do this by connecting with individuals on LinkedIn so that i can contact and build a connection with overtime. I will build more connections by posting my work frequently so i can show my creativity, as well as this i will engage with other connections and there posts. I would like to gain over 200 connections in the next 6 months.

Specific: I want to increase my network of professionals in the industry.

Measurable: Post and engage on LinkedIn, grow connections

Attainable: Getting my connections up to 200 in the next 6 months is realistic as i am currently on 106.

Relevant: Building connections with individuals in the industry is necessary to becoming successful.

Time-based: The deadline in 6 months.

Become more confident with sewing

I want to create more complex garments by my self in the next 6 months. I will take this time to sharpen my skills and create more toiles and experiment with new techniques so that my sewing improves and so does my confidence.

Specific: Become more confident with sewing and creating complex toiles.

Measurable: Creating toiles over the next 6 months.

Attainable: This is realistic goal due to me creating toiles for the next six months 6 months so my confidence will grow.

Relevant: This is relevant to my success in the Fashion Industry.

Time-based: The end date is 6 months and i will then reflect on how i feel then.



What are the cons and pros of certain fibres?

Fibres are a combination of what makes your garments. There are many different fibres however certain fibres are better than others resulting in pros and cons of each fibre.


Material Guide: What Is Polyester and Can It Ever Be Sustainable?


Polyester is a category of polymers produced by combining ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid. It is a common plastic in the fashion industry. However, polyester is not biodegradable. This means when it is used in a garment such as a shirt, it is not decomposable for 20 years. This is a huge problem as this contributes to the earth being polluted. Another disadvantage of polyester is that the dye is not sustainable. The dye that is included in polyester fabrics is made up of complex molecular structure and this does decompose. As well as this, the dye can enter the water from textile factories and this is toxic for plants and animals. another problem with the process of making polyester is that it takes large amounts of water for cooling and this can make it hard for local vulnerable communities where it is manufactured.Ê

However, positives of polyester are that is retains it shape well in a garment. Also, the fibres are durable and lightweightÊ and it is very wrinkle resistant. This is why it is used all over the world.


Material Guide: What Is Viscose and Is It Sustainable?


Viscose is incredibly popular and is used in the fashion industry. It is derived from wood pulp. It is spun into fibres then made into threads. It is manufactured cheaply using energy , water and chemically intensive processes. This has a huge impact on local communities and the environment. This is a huge problem as it can effect endangered species as well as plants and other wildlife.

However, the positives of viscose and why it is so popular is because it is soft, breathable and great for garments that drape. It can also be dyed easily and is comfortable to wear.


How Ethical Is Cotton On?

Cotton is affordable and very popular. Although cotton is produced from fields there is no evidence it reduced greenhouse gas and carbon emissions. As well as this, animal welfare is not considered and so this is problematic. Although it is good quality and used in many products the environmental impacts outweigh the good.


Material Guide: How Sustainable is Nylon?

Nylon is a type of plastic that is made from crude oil, it is put through a chemical process that makes stretchy fibres. It is derived from petroleum and coal. It is strong , can be moulded into a shape and durable. However it is no good for the environment as it creates nitrous oxide which is so much more potent than carbon dioxide. It also requires a large amount of water to create this fabric as well as energy.



Wool is a fabric that comes from sheep and other mammals. The benefits of wool is that it is anti-wrinkle, renewable and is bio degradable. However it is an expensive material and stains easily which can cause consumers to be cautious.



This lesson helped me gain a better understanding of fabrics and the positives and negatives of each fabric. It helped me to gain a better understanding of what to use for different garment and this helps me hugely as I am doing fashion design. As well as this I started to begin to look at my 5 year plan and consider what I want to do in my future, I considered factors such as lifestyle, occupation and other factor this helped me to put my plan into perspective. This also helped me to have a plan and consider what I need to do to achieve my goals.