5 year plan

•Goal 1:  Work as a menswear designer
•Goal 2:_Start a streetwear brand.
•Goal 3:_ Become more confident with sewing.
•Current strengths that will help me achieve each goal…
•Goal 1:_Creativity. This will help me to achieve my goal as I have ideas that I want to execute and bring to life.
•Goal 2:_Commitment, Motivation. As I know it is going to be a lot of work and I am going to have to commit and trust the process as I want to be successful and achieve goals.
•Goal 3:__focused, hardworking. I am driven and I am willing to put all my effort into achieving what I want to do, as I know the route I want to take.
•Key areas for development with my goals in mind…
•1. Marketing to improve my business audience. Improve CAD skills.
•2.Confidence, so I am able to make connections easier.
•3. Online presence, helps me to showcase my work and grow connections. Enterprise skills, business startups.
•4. Sewing, I need to practice my sewing skills so that I am confident in this area.
•5.Pattern cutting, this will help me as I am a little less confident in this skill as I find it hard, so I will push myself to work on this.
•Skills/knowledge/qualifications I need to gain…
•Goal 1:Pass my BA Fashion Degree, build a portfolio and search for jobs that would kickstart my career and work as a stepping tone to get where I need to be.
•Goal 2:I need to gain a larger audience on my brand in order to sell and promote my brand so I will need to work on my marketing skills to post original and engaging pictures and content f my brand.
•Goal 3: I need to begin to practice making toiles, to improve my sewing and help with skills like sewing and pattern cutting as I feel these are the skills I need to improve on most.

Job research

This week we looked and evaluated different job roles in the fashion industry. This showed us what it would be like to search for jobs after university has finished. I found this task to be challenging as there is limited roles near my area so I would have to travel or live closer to a city in order to get the best opportunities.




I enjoyed this week as it helped envision my future and really take into consideration what steps need to endure in order to achieve my goals. I made a vision board which helped me envision physically how I want to live and what my dreams are. Seeing it physically helped me so much as it motivated me to see what my life could be like if I stick to my 5 year plan.