This week i had the opportunity to reflect on my personal development and consider what I need to do in order to improve my skills. I really need to consider getting some more work experience as this will help me break into the fashion industry. I believe that some work experience will eliminate other factors such as confidence as I will feel more confidence, not only in myself but in my field of work. It helped me to understand what need to do in order to improve in certain fields. As well as this, it helped me to highlight what I’m good at and I will use these skills to advocate for myself to employers as I have certain skills that are desirable.

Access Swot analysis (2023) below:

INTERNAL Strengths

•Drawing and construction skills
•Communication skills

•Digital skills
•Lack of work experience
•Lack of marketing skills
EXTERNAL Opportunities

•Field is In need of my skills
•Opportunities to help start a business
•Opportunity for further education
•Networking opportunities



•Companies demanding minimum work experience
•Competitors having more advanced skills
•Lack of job opportunities in the area