This week I looked into freelance jobs on numerous freelance sights such as Fiver, Glass door, Fashion Workie, and LinkedIn. This helped me to understand the skills I need and the skills I have, I realised that I too could do freelance and use my skills in exchange for a price. I looked at different freelances such as Cad skills, Sketches and Adobe illustrator to create collections. I feel that I have some skills in this field and  I could apply them to create a page for myself. This opened my eyes to how many freelancers there us and how I can do it also.

 I found this freelancer that offers their skills in exchange for money. This individual offers 1 professionally made digital drawing for $25. I believe that I could do this as my digital drawing skills are good and this is something I will research into more as I would be interested in selling my digital skills. She has different offers such as basic standard and premium which I think is a good way to make more money and to make sure that her time and skills are appreciated, and she is the right amount of money for the time It takes to create the sketches.

Freelancing- My freelance value statement.

Name: Mia Tierney

Offer: Creating a high quality, detailed fashion illustration.

Illustrations can consist of different detail.

Basic- Minimal detail, no colour basic sketch £15

Detailed- Better detail/ quality consisting of colour £20

Premium- Very detailed, Small details such as zips, shading included £26

I am a third year fashion student who is familiar with creating illustrations and can provide the best quality details, due to my creative thinking, drawing skills and communication skills. I am familiar with platforms such as Illustrator , Photoshop and Procreate.

Props or add ones can be discussed at an additional cost, turn around depends on details and services required, however a fast turn around is guaranteed.

Digital illustrations are best when a reference image or Mood board is provided so that I can get a feel for your collection or garment. Illustrations can be used in an circumstance, such as: weddings, birthdays, fashion designs etc. Illustrations are good quality and if you would like to change something in the design it can be discussed however only small features can be removed or changed.

In order for production to commence, I will need specific Pantone colours wanted if you are wanting a specific colour, and a detailed word document of what you will be requiring with imagery to provide the best quality sketches. Communication throughout may help your collection so that everything is up to the standard you require.