Final week

So glad to see the animation is completed by the deadline.  We gathered up for the sound foley.

It was great fun, we brought different kinds of tools and toys to record the sound effects.

I used to work alone for the past few years, and rarely have a project like this and classmates working together.

The rendered animation looks so good and each of us took part in it, this feeling is strange but nice to me.

Overall it’s such an unforgettable experience for me.


Since we have changed our direction from dog and UFO to an aircraft dropping down, it was a rush to catching us up with other groups.


Kept the camera movement in shot two, move the first scene and the last one to the sky and in a wider city.

An aircraft dropping from the sky, two women( haven’t decided) were cheering in the front. Didn’t notice what happened in the background. In the end, its parachute shot out and saved the pilot.

With the scene provided by Reece.

Week two & three

Got a lot of feedback from the presentation.

Which made us realized the issue and totally changed the idea of our group project due to several reasons.

It was hard to animate fur.

Plus the special scale of the ship is hard to show compared to other objects.

We then come up with some new ideas.

In spite of the dog,  we changed the landing scene to a bigger aircraft dropped into a town. Its engine suddenly stopped functioning.

Did some draft about our character and ship.

Normally the pilot gets his face covered so I compromised the idea of either wearing the helmet or not.

I really like the natural curve exist on insects and shellfish, so my design was based on these bubbles.


Week one

Got an idea that consist of a dog, puddle and an alien spaceship.
The first scene is a distant shot of earth with a huge part of the ship appearing. (Reference from Star War.)

The middle one is the dog drinking from the puddle.

The last shot is the ship turned out to be very small and dropped into the puddle.

Stray Dog reference

And some extra dog design.