The Final Journeyman Post

So Journeyman is finally coming to its end, the last few weeks have been rather slow for me due to my tasks being completed and the final merge having been complete.

Once the final merge was completed I quickly contacted my Lead programmer to see if there were any more outstanding tasks that needed to be done before the project is passed off to the designers. However unfortunately there weren’t any tasks, I notified my team that even though I was completed I would still be available if anyone had any issues.

Over the Easter holiday our artists were hard at work to get their assets ready to go into engine, this meant that after the Easter break almost everything was ready for our game.

Unfortunately after Easter we found out that our characters would not be ready for the game in time and so our backup plan was put into place. Our lead programmer Tom had created an Alucard character that we could use for our main character which personally I feel works amazingly with the environment and so not having our main character didn’t cause much of an issue for our team.

One of the final tasks that I had as a team member was walk one of the designers through the setup of Wave Spawners as they would be in charge of setting up the Spawners inside of our vertical slice. In order to do this in a more detailed way I spoke to Dawid (Designer) over a discord call where I shared my screen and walked them through the setup of each spawner answering any questions that they had while we went through the setup. An unexpected issue was that Dawid was not currently on our GitHub, which meant that it took a little longer to get them setup as we needed to download GitHub and get Islam (Buildmaster) to add them to the repository.

Since then our team began work on the vertical slice and it looks… AMAZING –

The video aims to show off an example of what the completed game might play like and the typical environments that would be seen. Not all mechanics and work is shown off inside of the vertical slice due to time restraints for the video being 2 minutes.

As a final note for Journeyman I would just like to give a shoutout to my team for making the project