Week 10 – Merge to Master & Rosary Death Particles

During this week our team got all of the current work inside of one project however another issue occurred with merging which cause some of the work to go missing. Luckily before the merge I took a backup of most of the branches which made it fairly easy to fix the missing content once we knew which content had gone missing. I also merged together all of the projects that I worked on in order to make it less likely for conflicts to occur the next time we moved onto the master branch.

Rosary Death Particle Effect

After making the Particle effect for the Rosary pickup, I found that the way the enemies were removed from the screen was a little sudden as at the beginning all enemies on the screen would be removed.

As I am done with all my tasks, I decided to work on a particle that would be used to explain why all the characters die. My idea for this particle was originally to be a blood explosion that would occur at the enemies location just before removal in order to give the illusion that the enemies explode.

However again this still didn’t feel correct as the main question that I had for myself was… Yeah but why do they explode. What I decided on is that on picking up the Rosary Pickup the heavens open up and call down lightning on all your enemies, in order to create this I found a similar particle effect from one of the paragon abilities, inside this particle effect there was a static mesh for lightning which I used in order to create my lightning strike inside of my Rosary particle effect.

After lightning was added to the particle effect it still felt as though it was missing something as the enemies explode in blood after being hit by lightning but after that the blood goes up but never comes back down. This made me think about how I could explain where the blood goes which brought me to the idea of having some blood rain down on the player after the original blood explodes out of the players view. This was a subtle detail to add but I feel as though it adds a lot to the effect.