Week 8 – Creating some VFX

During this week I decided to work on some VFX for some of the blueprints that I have worked on in the previous weeks.


Rosary Particle Effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyvLhL5PTGg&ab_channel=MatthewStott

When I first started creating this particle I wanted to create a rotating cross that has a trail following behind it. The main challenge that I encountered with this was giving the illusion that the cross’s never Despawn. In order to do this I needed the particles to return to the exact spot that they spawn.

I managed to achieve this by using a velocity over life node and the plotted the different points in the particles life. Once that was done I added a ribbon to the particle to make it more apparent to the player that this is a Powerup.


Spawning Particle Effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRDb3iMwHQc&ab_channel=MatthewStott

In order to create this particle I started by finding a free to use magic circle as a base from https://permaclipart.org/clipart/magic-circle-blank-03/, after this I added some Rotation and Size by life which makes the circle feel more alive. After this I added some smaller details such as waves and sparkles inside of the magic circle.

While creating this I spoke with my team showing the progress and asking for feedback in order to make something that the team was happy with. The original design was coloured green based off some of the Magic Circles found inside of Castlevania Lord of Shadow, however due to our enemies being vampires we decided that a red colour would be more appropriate.

Once this was created I applied it to the Destructible Spawner, I did this by line tracing from the potential spawn point, then once the line trace hits the floor it will spawn the particle effect at the impact point and then 1 second later spawn the enemy on top of that particle effect

Next Steps

In the next few weeks I will be working with the rest of my team in order to get the whole project merged as well as creating the code for the Bat Swarm Ability that will then be linked with some VFX that are being created by my lead programmer.