Week 7 – Destructible Spawner

During week 7 I started work on a destructible Spawner,

Even though one Spawner has already been created most of the code for the destructible Spawner is completely different to the wave Spawner as one Spawner will continuously spawn enemies whilst the Spawner has health and the other only spawns enemies in waves whilst there are waves remaining.

I also wanted this Spawner to have many changeable settings in order for the designers to create a range of encounters using just the one blueprint. Some of the options that I added to this Spawner were as follows:

Initial Wave Spawn – This option allows for the Spawner to spawn a specified amount of enemies when the player first enters the encounter.

Invincibility after hit – This lets the Spawner become invincible for a specified time after the player deals damage to it which will allow some time for some enemies to spawn.

Gargoyle Option – This allows for the Spawner to interact with a gargoyle which will attempt to stun the enemy whilst its alive. If this option is enabled the gargoyle will be able to act as the Spawner health and can spawn enemies as long as the gargoyle remains alive.

As mentioned in the previous blog, I have now ran out of image/gif space on this blog website and so code will be shown using a link to the blueprint.

Destructible Spawner Code: https://blueprintue.com/blueprint/e85j-ptj/