Week 6 – Spawning Enemies & Pickups

Were officially past the half way point in journeyman now… were only half way and I am out of storage space for Gifs…

For the start of the week I got in a call with Ryan in order to help him get his destructible objects to spawn a random pickup when his destructible is destroyed.

I wanted to give the game designers the option to pick which actors the pickup spawned, so I created an array for the Spawnable actors that the destructible can spawn either specific pickups or random out of multiple pickups.





I took another look at the pickups that are already inside of Castlevania and came across a pickup called Rosary that has been used to clear the enemies on the screen, which could fit well with the brawler gameplay. I then put together a blueprint that gets all the enemies on the screen and destroys the ones that can be destroyed using the rosary powerup.







The notes on Trello which we have been using to keep track of tasks were helpful but not detailed enough to know which route to take when spawning the enemies so I decided to speak to the design team in order to get a better idea of where the enemies should spawn.

The designers got back to me and said that they wanted the enemies to spawn off screen and then walk into frame to fight the player. They specified due to the enemies being spawned off screen it doesn’t matter if the enemy spawns in the air and falls to the ground as the player wouldn’t be able to see this happening.

In order to create this I made two separate blueprints. One which is the Spawner itself and then some spawn bounds that the designers can place in the level to define where the enemies will spawn when that particular Spawner is activated.

Due to the storage on the blog website ill be linking the blueprint for the wave Spawner and its all commented to explain inside the link


Once it was working I demonstrated it working to my team during our weekly Uni lab session and was asked by our supervisor asked if I could attach a particle effect to the actors that spawned which I quickly implemented during that session and made it possible for designers to change the particle effect that the enemies spawn with. I also added billboards in order to make the actors easier to select in the viewport as selecting collision boxes can be a pain.

The Spawner is now ready 3 days before the deadline and is just waiting for the enemies to be finished so that the designers can start creating the fight encounters.

As a final note with all the work from the team being put in we have met our minimum value product early and can begin polishing the things that we have created so far, we also managed to receive team of the week during the presentation which was given by our groups lead.

The plan for the next few weeks is to polish what has been made as well as to create a destructible Spawner that will continually spawn enemies while it remains alive as an extra option for the designers to place throughout the levels.