Week 4 – Making Things Prettier


During week 4 I wanted to work on making the pickups look more presentable, in order to do this I started work on the Holy Water powerup/pickup.

Asset Creation

I started the week with some small modelling for the Holy Water Pickup, this is one of the first times that I have used Maya and so it took some time to stop pressing the wrong buttons and understand where everything is located.


I didn’t turn out perfectly how I wanted but it resembles the Castlevania Holy Fire well enough for a simple blockout and can replaced/integrated later. I then took it into unreal in order to start playing around with the behaviour of this pickup.

Blueprint Magic

I created a ProjectileBP for the Holy Water and then added some projectile movement to show an example of how it could look.

The team also released a version of our game with the basic player movement in order for us to be able to work with the player character. This meant I could setup the ability for the player to throw the Holy Water as well as adding in an ammo count for the Holy Water.

I did this by having a separate fire actor spawn once the holy water hits the group, this actor the gets all of the overlapping actors and checks if the actor is flammable, if they are then they will be set on fire.