Week 3 – Getting Stuff Working !


During week 3 I got most of the blueprinting ready for the pickup system. While waiting for GitHub to be ready our group decided to continue working on the prototypes that we had inside of our own individual projects until it is ready to be put onto GitHub.

Week 3 Getting it to work!

So in an attempt to keep my blueprints as usable as possible I did my best to handle absolutely everything inside of the Powerup MasterBP and reference the player as little as possible in order to minimise the amount that needs to be updated onto the new Github at a later date for a smoother transition onto Git

In order to keep things tidy inside of the MasterBP as well as increase productivity later I used functions in order to create most of my individual pickup effects.

In order to keep it all inside the master blueprint I needed to find anotherĀ  way to check which pickup the player was picking up. (Note from future Matt, Use child blueprints!)

For example with the health pickup it will first check to see if the player actually needs to use a heal and then if they do it will add an set amount of health to the player. In order to stop the player from being able to go over max health I have applied a clamp before setting their health.