I’ve now added a weapon into my project which fires using projectiles. The weapon will only fire if the player has ammo in their inventory and is limited by the amount that they carry.


From when I planned my project I had to change the plan slightly adding more gameplay elements to my project than initially planned.

I’ve now added more functionality to my inventory system allowing for items to be stackable, if I wish them to be. I’m able to toggle this on and off depending on the items use. The player is also able to pick items out of containers although I still need to implement the player’s ability to store things in them. I’ve set up containers to be editable so that I can easily alter the items they contain as well as the number of slots available within them. I’ve also added the ability for the player to use their items. If the player right clicks on the items in their inventory they will use the item, being it be a consumable. Keys, on the other hand, have no function when clicked upon, this is due to them being used to unlock doors; this has already been implemented into my project, although I still have to add a variety of keys for different doors.

In order to get functionality to my health Items I had to set up a health system, there currently isn’t anything to represent the players health other than a print string, this will be altered in the future as I’ve been more focused on implementing my mechanics. To go along with my health system I’ve made a basic AI which will chase and damage the player if they get too close. Currently the player isn’t able to defend themselves which will be the next thing I do.

I plan on doing this by giving the player a handgun with a limited supply of ammo. This will be another item they’ll have to store in their inventory.

Hello world!


I’ve created the initial functionality for my inventory system, allowing the player 8 inventory slots with 2 items which can be picked up to be added to the slots. Neither of these items currently are set to stack although they will in the future, being my next task to complete. Upon being picked up, items will be placed in an empty slot and once the slots are full they’ll no longer be able to pick an item up.

All assets I’ve used are all currently placeholder and will be swapped out in upcoming weeks, as well as the items gaining functionality.