Week 8 update

This week instead of focusing on trying to get the text pretty I decided to start working on how to use the unreal sequencer, its a bit confusing and i want to try to combine some other scenes with angles with others but I have yet to figure out how, I’ve been focusing on other projects besides this one this week and will get back to you Next week with some actual progress! I’m going to try to combine it all into sequencer since i probably wont be able to do anything with blueprints quite yet, and ill try to make it Simi decent looking and some good angles so everyone knows what is going on

Week 7 Update

So, After spending countless hours trying to figure out how to intermesh custom blueprints into a asset that already has its own custom blueprint that I Know nothing about, I just decided I am going to have text over the character showing what he is doing and what he is going to do, So I started working on getting text in unreal and have come up with a very iffy solution that will work for now but I want it to be a little more pretty and refined, but this will be a good base for what I want to show for know, Here is a link to that. As I said its really quite disgusting but until I find a better workaround this is what’s gonna be there for now, This week I am going to star working with sequencer again so i can make it automated and more pretty, Hopefully I can see yall next week some sequencer info!

Week 6 Update


Yep that’s right, I made some progress, after not being able to figure out how to use Terra’s preexisting animations After hours of fiddling I was able to figure out how to use her attack animation, I have a very very rough video showing what I want to show, though I still don’t have any hit/flinch animations or any animation to show me resting behind allied lines, But I’ll keep seeing if I can do something for those, I have an animation that would work for terra but just have to figure out how to add that into her current blueprint setup that i have no experience with, Right now i have the basic of what i want to show, I want to add an animation when i hit the enemy as opposed to them always dieing, and id also like me to go down into the shielded state at the end as seen at the end of the video next to the moving model, Video linked below 2020-11-07 10-46-20 shield state that id like to incorporate into her animations so she shields and rest behind her allies at the end

Week 5 update

Way over my head

Like it says above, I realized this week that I am way, way, way over my head, After thinking I could do custom blueprints and implementing animations like it nobody’s business I realized that this just isn’t going to be possible with no prior experience, Thinking I did something wrong I went back and re-watched a lecture, And one of the first slides I see something along the lines of “do not do blueprints” “very hard with prior experience” “Ah that explains it ”  So at this point i brainstorm, What should i do next? I decided I am going to both combine preexisting animations that i can find online “Yay more asset hunting” And combine that with the cinematic tool to show off what I want get across, Ill try to get back to you guys next week with a video of some sorts

Week 4 update


Exactly what the big boldest words are sayin, I had to scratch it all, yepp everything the whole shabam its gone, Basically after doing more research, I realized having him use spears/ throw them was going to be nigh impossible, and i also found a beautiful axe/shield wielding asset that would be quite the beute replacement Pretty cool right? I know Achilles is a guy and all, but after doing some testing in game, from third person you cant even tell its a girl and its not my job to make it perfectly accurate as long as they know what I want in game, So this is by far the best I’m going to get and I’m gonna go for it, as for the enemy’s hes hitting, Well again I’m really pressed for options here so the best free one i can find is a little lacking but its good enough I guess.He looks a little roman? Or at least that’s what I tell myself to make myself feel better.. Anyways I’m gonna try to mash these together and make something presentable and ill see you guys next update!

Week 3 Research

ASSETS ASSETS ASSETS, This is a word I will dread to see for the rest of my life. Finding assets has been one of the single hardest things I’ve had to do, Luckily i managed to find a couple… And as for the little dudes, Yeah that’s just not going to work there a little.. Small for what I was going for but hey if y’all want me to make it in the form of a mini Lego form i can do that too, On a real note though. I was able to get a sketch into unreal going to get my idea down.It’s very very rough, and I’m unsure if Ill even be able to figure out/make it in the engine but ill do some testing in unreal and update you guys with my progress next week, Lets hope I CAN but if not ill let you guys know about what solution I come up with

Week 2 Research

Alright, I did it, I came up with an idea that might actually be feasible for my current skill level, Which is… Just opened unreal for the first time, But I think I got this, I’m going to create a special god interaction, For Achilles specially but in the real game it would be one for each god, I am going to make Achilles Jump into battle slashing down enemy’s and cutting them down behind enemy’s while invulnerable, After a certain amount of time he will run back behind his troops where he will shield and regain his energy, As a mechanic in the game this would be a very hard interaction to earn and would be on quite a hefty cooldown, but I’m just going to be showing the actual combat, Using premade animations and assets, I’ve done a little digging and assets seem to be a rare find so right now all I can work with is this… Not exactly what I was going for but hey, atleast its cute, i have yet to actually manage to get it into unreal so ill update y’all next week with some unreal progress

Week 1 Research

The research I did was almost entirely Troy and historically related, going through Video after video of Troy to get a better understanding of the mechanics and the idea and  thought behind the The troy franchise and other games they have created, I made a google doc indicating what I found to be super nice and thought out, to the more knit picky things that could use improvement, A lot of ideas came to mind, Maybe I could design a level that revolves fully on ranged and melee combat so its more of a blood and bones battle not using chariots or stealth, No I’m not a artist so I don’t really want to do that… Maybe I could make a new mechanic where you get a certain amount of currency and can spend it on specific attributes for your troops.. No that could be easily abused. Then I noticed something, Troy is always talking about the gods and they are the main idea the god revolves around.. But they don’t fight with you once?! Well that’s gonna change now, Ill have to think of some ideas but ill update you in the next blog with what’s to come Google doc link here