Week 6 Update


Yep that’s right, I made some progress, after not being able to figure out how to use Terra’s preexisting animations After hours of fiddling I was able to figure out how to use her attack animation, I have a very very rough video showing what I want to show, though I still don’t have any hit/flinch animations or any animation to show me resting behind allied lines, But I’ll keep seeing if I can do something for those, I have an animation that would work for terra but just have to figure out how to add that into her current blueprint setup that i have no experience with, Right now i have the basic of what i want to show, I want to add an animation when i hit the enemy as opposed to them always dieing, and id also like me to go down into the shielded state at the end as seen at the end of the video next to the moving model, Video linked below 2020-11-07 10-46-20 shield state that id like to incorporate into her animations so she shields and rest behind her allies at the end