Week 4 update


Exactly what the big boldest words are sayin, I had to scratch it all, yepp everything the whole shabam its gone, Basically after doing more research, I realized having him use spears/ throw them was going to be nigh impossible, and i also found a beautiful axe/shield wielding asset that would be quite the beute replacement Pretty cool right? I know Achilles is a guy and all, but after doing some testing in game, from third person you cant even tell its a girl and its not my job to make it perfectly accurate as long as they know what I want in game, So this is by far the best I’m going to get and I’m gonna go for it, as for the enemy’s hes hitting, Well again I’m really pressed for options here so the best free one i can find is a little lacking but its good enough I guess.He looks a little roman? Or at least that’s what I tell myself to make myself feel better.. Anyways I’m gonna try to mash these together and make something presentable and ill see you guys next update!