Week 3 Research

ASSETS ASSETS ASSETS, This is a word I will dread to see for the rest of my life. Finding assets has been one of the single hardest things I’ve had to do, Luckily i managed to find a couple… And as for the little dudes, Yeah that’s just not going to work there a little.. Small for what I was going for but hey if y’all want me to make it in the form of a mini Lego form i can do that too, On a real note though. I was able to get a sketch into unreal going to get my idea down.It’s very very rough, and I’m unsure if Ill even be able to figure out/make it in the engine but ill do some testing in unreal and update you guys with my progress next week, Lets hope I CAN but if not ill let you guys know about what solution I come up with