Week 2 Research

Alright, I did it, I came up with an idea that might actually be feasible for my current skill level, Which is… Just opened unreal for the first time, But I think I got this, I’m going to create a special god interaction, For Achilles specially but in the real game it would be one for each god, I am going to make Achilles Jump into battle slashing down enemy’s and cutting them down behind enemy’s while invulnerable, After a certain amount of time he will run back behind his troops where he will shield and regain his energy, As a mechanic in the game this would be a very hard interaction to earn and would be on quite a hefty cooldown, but I’m just going to be showing the actual combat, Using premade animations and assets, I’ve done a little digging and assets seem to be a rare find so right now all I can work with is this… Not exactly what I was going for but hey, atleast its cute, i have yet to actually manage to get it into unreal so ill update y’all next week with some unreal progress