Week 1 Research

The research I did was almost entirely Troy and historically related, going through Video after video of Troy to get a better understanding of the mechanics and the idea and  thought behind the The troy franchise and other games they have created, I made a google doc indicating what I found to be super nice and thought out, to the more knit picky things that could use improvement, A lot of ideas came to mind, Maybe I could design a level that revolves fully on ranged and melee combat so its more of a blood and bones battle not using chariots or stealth, No I’m not a artist so I don’t really want to do that… Maybe I could make a new mechanic where you get a certain amount of currency and can spend it on specific attributes for your troops.. No that could be easily abused. Then I noticed something, Troy is always talking about the gods and they are the main idea the god revolves around.. But they don’t fight with you once?! Well that’s gonna change now, Ill have to think of some ideas but ill update you in the next blog with what’s to come Google doc link here