Meet Meep – FYP – Week 11

This week has seen me tweak and polish a few things rather then add additional content.

  1. I tweaked the climb animation, ive adjusted the animation and trigger box to reduce the clipping in the environment through both blueprints and actual animation purposes. This has seen a massive reduce in clipping, while in some cases it’s still there its very minimal compared to before.
  2. Ive adjusted the level layout to prevent repetitiveness, this means scrapping some stairs so the player is constantly climbing and climbing, instead ive built fallen ruins to navigate, and a death box for falling that still needs a bit more work.
  3. Ive tweaked around with sound, adding ambient noise and murp noises as well, volume needs adjusting but its working.
  4. Ive added “dead meeps” around the map to add some atmosphere to the level, these are just poses with a light inside that flickers indicating that theyre not functioning.

Next week I’ll be working till Wednesday the 11th and taking the rest of the week off.

After that, I have to add my own audio lines into it, add a portal at the end to end the level and just look over a few minor things and then it’ll be ready to be completed.