Meet Meep – FYP – Week 7

A very productive week for me this week, focusing mostly on blueprints and the NPC ‘Murp’:

  • Created an AI system in unreal that allows Murp to enter either Roaming – Randomly goes to a highlighted section of the map, completely randomised. Patrol – Allows Murp to go from Target point A – B and loops constantly and finally Chase – Chases the player, I have a node set up that destorys the actor with an explosion if I decided to include that feature later in development.
  • Set up random idle states – Allows Meep to have his base idle which then after 5-30 seconds selects another idle that players for some time then blends back into his default state.
  • Also began setting up my stealth state which should allow Meep to enter a stealth mode which will allow him to pass Murp in closer quarters.

Next week ill finish the stealth state, look at camera shake near Murp when Meep approches, set up a detection radius and set up the guide hologram.