Red Bull

Red Bull, the energy drink which “vitalizes body and mind”, may “give you wings whenever you need them” whilst providing an energetic dimension to your vodka.

As energetic as it may be, it is also a very unique and globally recognised  brand and one which has been described as “an unbeatable marketing powerhouse“.

Delving a little into its history, from foundation in 1984, the first launch in 1987 and to a total of 6.8 billion cans being sold by 2018, Red Bull has indeed put quite a ‘fizz’ into various people’s lives ranging from ‘college students to busy professionals’ and has even gone so far as now being recognised as one of the world’s leading sports brands.

Having invested considerable time and energy in sponsoring a wide range of sporting events, Red Bull is acknowledged and respected by professional sports stars around the globe.

With a structured marketing strategy built around it’s mission statement of ‘giving wings to people and ideas’, Red Bull has propelled itself into the world of sport with new and absorbing content centred around thrilling promotional ideas and concepts.

From owning football clubs to enjoying enormous success in the world of Formula 1, it’s involvement in extreme sports, cricket and rugby, Red Bull has captivated a new audience.

Slowly racing into the lead, the brand’s rise to Formula 1 success was initiated in 2004 with the help of Team principal Christian Horner who helped structure a plan to ensure they were able to compete with the best racers. In the 2006 race held in Monaco, David Coulthard provided the team with it’s first podium finish (3rd) and by 2010 the team were celebrating their first title, the Constructors Championship with the help of the youngest ever world champion, Sebastian Vettel who was a product of the Junior Team. Red Bull went on to retain the title over the next 3 years.

In 2005, the brand began it’s first venture into football with the purchase of Austria Salzburg which was quickly renamed Red Bull Salzburg. To gain more status, the brand delved into German Football by forming Red Bull Leipzig in the 2009/2010 season. The club started out in the 5th division however, with heavy investment, it was promoted to the top flight of German football, the Bundesliga in 2016.

The strength of the Red Bull brand is geared around the vision of the company ‘to uphold standards while maintaining the leadership position and delivering superior customer service in an efficient and profitable manner’.

Offering a primary service which entails exciting and immersive experiences can provide a great opportunity to gain customer loyalty, a greater amount of brand exposure and increased profitability.

Red Bull remains focused on delivering a quality brand by captivating it’s audience with dynamic, exciting and tension fuelled sporting action. Their involvement with extreme sports offers a different dimension to the more traditional sport. It anticipates and drives the customer mood with mentally stimulating action consisting of high speed, high risk and extreme adventure.





The ability of Red Bull to achieve so much is linked to the specificity of its core values, mission and vision statements. The company vision is safe considering the declaration presented by its vision statement that Red Bull will remain focused on maintaining high standards and leadership in the sector. This is strengthened by the strategies implied in the mission statement of this company such as prioritization of progressive ideas. The core values further put Red Bull in a winning position as they create a serene working environment for everyone involved with the firm.


To preserve its reputation, this company emphasizes on quality

Red Bull vision statement is “to upholding Red Bull standards while maintaining the leadership position in the energy drinks category when delivering superior customer service in a highly efficient and profitable manner.”

Red Bull mission statement is “giving wings to people and ideas.” Though manufacturing the soft drinks is the primary operation of Red Bull, there is so much more than the company does as inferred in this statement. The statement does this through:

Improving lives. This company is renowned for the support that it gives to a wide range of sporting activities and teams globally. By sponsoring these events, Red Bull contributes to the growth and development of societies as these sports are economically and socially beneficial.

Distinguished products and services. Red bull is labelled as one of the most satisfying soft drinks across the globe. It is produced under very strict and specific conditions that make it a competitive product. Other than this, the company provides other products while maintaining top standards.