Review ‘Responsible Business- The New Normal?’

Review- The Responsible Business- The New Normal?

The central argument of this article is that each and every corporate companies at present should try to bring a formula or principle/practice of taking over a current challenges like poverty, unemployment etc. formed by the UN… Into the business and try to bring down those issues and also to make profits to the company. This adoption of practice may bring down so many problems in the world to the minimum level and a long term growth to the company. The initiation of this principles requires the cooperation of the corporates around the world to participate. The companies could be a multinational, medium sizes or small business but the fact is that according to their extent they can take over a challenge. The companies should set some rules and regulations as per the challenge they have undertaken. The major factors that these companies should make sure is the human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption principles.


My belief is that when the companies around the world take these things into account and start working towards that then the world would be a better place. The challenges that UN described are the ones which need to be in order to attain the goal sustainability. This is definitely a good and welcoming initiative because the future of the world would be better if the companies around the world set an example today by following adopting those principles and achieving a great progress in it. The article says that in 2000 there were only 44 companies have participated in the league but later the numbers got increased to nearly 8000 likewise the success of these progress purely lies over time. For example a company can adopt a village or some areas where there is more issues and solving the problems in their own way of business depending upon their very own countries governmental policies and changes may happen but the goal is to bring sustainability among the world. The main factor is getting more knowledge about those challenges and letting the people to know about it by creating the awareness campaigns. The companies taking part in this will also have a good partnership between them and the friendliness among them will create a positive impact


The things that are need to be done to increase the business engagement towards these principles is to maintain the growth progress. The company should always make sure about the environment, anticorruption, human rights supply chain, sticking to the principles, making the day to day progress transparent to the people and always making sure about the safety of the labours and society. The other way is to create a healthy competition between the companies so that it will be motivation to the other companies to join the race. So on the final note if there is a profit for the company in means of money, good fame and on the other hand the problems of the society gets down who would say NO?

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