Course Handbook

Course Handbook

MA English: Literature in Culture


Your Course Leader

Your Course Leader is Dr Jane Ford. You can contact Jane by e-mail at:

Your Student Handbook

This handbook aims to provide an overview of your course of study.  We encourage you to refer to this handbook for any course information.

In addition to this handbook there are several other sources of information including the University handbook and School handbook (hyperlinks will take you to up to date sources of information as required).

If after reading this information you need further clarity please contact your course leader (see details above).

The English and Creative Writing Course Handbook provides a range of important information that you will need to refer to throughout your studies. Just some of the things on offer here include:

  • Information about the degree you are taking
  • Some general advice on how to be successful in your studies
  • Information on how you will be taught and assessed, as well as how you will receive feedback on your work
  • Advice about ‘the skills of scholarship’
  • Who your Course Team are, what roles we play, and what those roles mean to you
  • Various important aspects of the regulations that govern your degree

The Student Handbook is designed to inform and advise you as a new student but will also be an important source of information as you continue your studies.