Video & Presentation Preparation

Week 6 – Unreal

This week I have been acquainting myself with the unreal software which is the software the video prompt will be recording; it will also be made in Unreal.
I tried multiple different objects and actors with varying levels of success.

I found a YouTube tutorial on how to get an npc to follow a player, I believed if I could get this to work, I could repurpose the code to get a npc to follow an object.I managed to get a npc to follow the player.
Next week I will be trying to test out that next level of testing. I need to develop the next stage of the mechanic which is getting the npc to follow an object instead of a character (after that I need to be able to have that do multiple instances at a time so I can get multiple npcs to move at once after a single click in an organised movement).