Video & Presentation Preparation

Week 9

This week I intend to record some test videos to practise using OBS more.

Will most likely include some footage from YouTube videos that include gameplay.

Will also work on allowing the indicators to be moved while simulating, was unable to do this successfully this week.

Will continue with this next week.

Video & Presentation Preparation

Week 8

I made it a priority this week to practise and prepare for my final video.

I did this by writing scripts and making practise recordings.

This is also my first time using OBS, so I had to familiarise myself with the software.

I also made some improvements to my unreal project.

I was able to successfully make multiple troops follow their correlating indicators. These indicators in game function would be to show where the formation would be positioned.

Next week I will do more work on my video, select some YouTube videos to put in my video as a reference, and work on the Unreal project more.

Video & Presentation Preparation

Week 7

This week I moved onto the next step, getting the npc to follow an object instead of a character. After that I made the object look more like the indicator from the game, making a holographic outline of the unit.

With a working version I tried duplicating the actors and deleting unnecessary actors/objects.

Next week I will want to refine the example somewhat yes but should prioritise less design focused aspects of the recording process.

Video & Presentation Preparation

Week 6 – Unreal

This week I have been acquainting myself with the unreal software which is the software the video prompt will be recording; it will also be made in Unreal.
I tried multiple different objects and actors with varying levels of success.

I found a YouTube tutorial on how to get an npc to follow a player, I believed if I could get this to work, I could repurpose the code to get a npc to follow an object.I managed to get a npc to follow the player.
Next week I will be trying to test out that next level of testing. I need to develop the next stage of the mechanic which is getting the npc to follow an object instead of a character (after that I need to be able to have that do multiple instances at a time so I can get multiple npcs to move at once after a single click in an organised movement).