Academic Registry (AREG) is pleased to launch the TRANSFORM Lunches which will take place throughout the academic year and provide an opportunity for colleagues to explore key University initiatives in more detail.  The first TRANSFORM Lunch will be held on 23rd October 2019 and focuses on Enhancing Student Success through Digital Transformation.

In September 2019, the University introduced two significant new initiatives to support students in enhancing their performance and maximising their chances of success, namely My Attendance and StREAM, our learner analytics platform. This TRANSFORM lunch will provide an overview of the two interconnected projects, including their links to policy and academic practice, and offer a demonstration of StREAM in action. The session will provide a facilitated space for discussions on how digital transformation projects can be most effectively harnessed to underpin an outstanding student experience.

To book this session, please click here and select Learning and Teaching Enhancement CPD Offer.

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