The Teaching Excellence Alliance is a collaborative venture which brings together Alliance universities to promote excellent teaching and learning, and to better understand and define – as well as champion and showcase – excellent teaching at Alliance institutions. Read more about TEA on the UA website:

As members of the TEA, you have access to a wide range of professional development opportunities and events, that are free to join; offering opportunities to network and showcase and connect with critical friends within your discipline or join discussions around specific themes. Upcoming events are below. More info is on the UA webpage: and on the TEA Network:


Wednesday 17 June – University of Brighton
Teaching Excellence Alliance Sandpit (intesive course design)

Designing interventions for staff and/or students to address the BME attainment gap in HE. Use the link to join OneHE and register for the event.

TEA Webinar Series

Wednesday 1 May at 12noon

‘The research – teaching nexus / students doing research-based learning in the curriculum’
This webinar will focus on research-based learning and explore strategies for engaging students with research in the curriculum. The dissemination phase is particularly important for students to develop a sense of ownership and creativity in the research process and examples of impactful student research will be provided. The webinar will end with ten salient practices for mentoring student researchers to ensure high quality research. This webinar will be presented by Professor Helen Walkington, NTF, PFHEA from Oxford Brookes University.

Tuesday 6th June at 3pm

Challenges ‘fit’ and impact: online blended CPD provision for international partner staff.

The webinar focuses on provision of CPD for staff in Trinidad and Cairo (Greenwich partners) and Oman and Ghana (Coventry partners), sharing our understanding of challenges and value of this international provision. We will share information about our programmes and evidence from our research into staff and participant perceptions of the programmes and their impact. The webinar will provide an opportunity to discuss perceptions and experiences of ‘difference’ and ‘relevance’ and issues of the transferability of our international programmes.

This webinar will be presented by Sally Alsford, University of Greenwich:
Martin Compton. University of Greenwich:
Hannelie Du Plessis-Walker. Coventry University:
Alice Lau. Coventry University:

TEA for Programme and Course Leaders
TEA will be offering an online course for curriculum leaders, primarily programme leaders/ course directors, starting in May/ June. The course will be available without charge to TEA Subscribers (a limited number of participants per institution) and will be hosted through the OneHE Platform. The TEA team will provide support, and expert input will be in the form of ‘guest tutors’ – experts from TEA universities who have experience of leading academic excellence.

If you have experience as a programme leader and would like to be a guest tutor, or would like to suggest themes to be covered, or inquire about joining the course, please get in touch:

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